Special report

Friday, October 31, 2008

If you ever needed a reason to remind yourself of the goodness that pervades the HME industry, it’s now. It seems like a week doesn’t go by without a government agency or the mainstream media detailing some account of a fraudulent provider. But most of you got into this business because you wanted to care for people. On pages 66 through 71, you’ll find profiles of five providers who have carried on a tradition of caring at their family’s HME businesses. You’ll read of Chris Henry, who, at 12 years old, was washing wheelchairs.

You’ll read of Dave Doubek and Gary Sheehan, who dropped careers in finance and sports marketing, respectively, after realizing the difference they could make by working in HME.

You’ll read of Kay Johnson, who sees passing on her business to her children as a way to keep it out of the hands of a bigger company. Finally, you’ll read of Robert Brown, who, like his father before him, repairs equipment or fills a prescription at 3 a.m., if he needs to.