Spice up cash sales with impulse items

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Q. How do I maximize sales in my core departments, such as bathroom safety?

A. By selecting a good location for your store and using effective advertising and marketing you’ve managed to attract customers to your store. Now the question is how to maximize sales in your core departments, such as bathroom safety. By carrying the right products for your customers and displaying them in a visually impactful manner, you are heading in the right direction to increased sales.

The selection of products in many home healthcare store’s bathroom safety departments are similar.

Products such as grab bars, transfer benches and raised toilet seats can be found in most stores.

Set yourself apart by spicing up your product mix with some more unique, but complementary products. If you are in a middle- or higher-income area, you can start by carrying a decorative line of grab bars in addition to the standard white or plain chrome finishes. You can also carry a higher-end line of handheld showers to enhance your basic selection. Think of any aids to daily living that your customers could use in the bathroom and display them in this department. For example: Large handled or ergonomically handled hairbrushes, mirrors and toothbrushes are a good addition to your standard product mix. The idea is to have a few additional impulse items scattered throughout the department so that when a customer comes in to buy a grab bar, they may see these other items and make an additional purchase.

The more effectively you display your products, the better chance they will have to sell. Take one product out of the package and display it in a way that shows its function. Keep your display in stock, but not cluttered. Try to make it comfortable to shop.

Chris Godlewski is a senior merchandiser at Gladson Design Group. Reach him at <a href="mailto:cgodl