Standards in Georgia still policy, not law

Thursday, July 31, 2003

ATLANTA - There are no current plans to make Georgia Medicaid’s policy of requiring quality standards for custom rehab providers a law, despite recent developments in Tennessee.

Although Georgia currently requires that custom rehab providers be NRRTS members or hold RESNA’s ATS or ATP credential, the policy is not law, and it could be changed, if the Medicaid program were to find itself in different hands. Georgia intends to make its policy a law at some point, but it’s still in the process of changing its fiscal agent, said Pat Ross, program specialist for Georgia Medicaid.

“We can’t put anything more on providers right now,” she said.

Georgia made headlines last year, when it began requiring quality standards for rehab providers.

“It’s great to see [Tennessee] reacting to what we’ve started,” Ross said. “To my understanding, Medicare’s not ignorant to what we’ve done. They’re aware of the flaws in the system.” HME