Standing-room only

Monday, April 30, 2007

HARRISBURG, Pa. - At CressCare Medical's first ever CPAP/BiPAP clinic recently, customers clamored for CPAPs. President and CEO Todd Cressler said the company spent about $800 to host the event and sold about $6,000 worth of product--in three hours. Talk about a return on your investment, said Cressler.
"It more than paid for itself," he said. "I sold out of masks. Can you imagine 80 people getting new masks in three hours?"
CressCare mailed invitations to 1,000 customers and served refreshments. Cressler said 84 people showed up, packing the 1,500-square-foot store.
Many of the clinic attendees were due for new supplies, but Cressler also sold plenty of retail products like pillows, tubing and bed wedges.
Eight staff members manned stations featuring everything from new technology to pressure checks, and directed the flow of customers to respiratory therapists on a first-come, first-served basis.
CPAP manufacturer Respironics was on hand, signing up patients for free mask trials.
Enlisting help from manufacturers is smart, said industry consultant Joe Groden.
"They're available, but you have to ask for it," he said. "That support can be a special offer on a product you're trying to sell or paying for publicity or bringing an expert in on the day of the event."
Cressler said he's already thinking ahead to the next clinic.
"I'd do one every week if I could," he said.