State CB updates

Monday, September 30, 2002

North Carolina
RALEIGH, N.C. - After a vigorous lobbying effort, state providers convinced lawmakers to strike competitive bidding from the state's 2003 budget language. They also staved off a 5% across the board cut to the fee schedule. Instead, lawmakers let the industry suggest how to eliminate $569,000 from the state's DME budget. To meet that target, providers have proposed a $3.73% cut to the fee schedule. They also located an additional $150,000 in savings by showing Medicaid how it could update its oxygen reimbursement methodology to be more like Medicare.
ORLANDO, Fla. - FAMES lawyers arguing against statewide competitive bidding submitted their final, written arguments to the judge and, and as of press time, were still awaiting a final ruling. "We and the opposing attorneys have both turned in our responses as of the 18th of August, and the judge actually has 45 days to rule from that point," explained Joan Cross, president of FAMES. "We don't necessarily anticipate that he'll take that long, but it depends a lot on how elaborate the responses are."
AUSTIN, Texas - In order to find $7.3 million in general revenue savings by Aug. 2003, Medicaid must reduce DME spending by $18 million (this includes the federal match), or almost 20% of the current DME budget. The Medical Equipment Suppliers Association (MESA) Coalition of Medicaid providers has identified on its own $6.77 million in potential annual savings from waste, inappropriate utilization and inefficiencies. The group submitted its recommendations to the state Health and Human Services Commission last month. HME