Staying paid

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

I would like to respond to Doug Harrison’s letter to the editor (“Warning shot,” May 2015). I am on the side of those who think the PMD demo is working in as much as it does give the provider some assurance that their claim is not technically flawed in some way before the equipment is delivered to the customer. If a prior authorization process helps keep expensive claims out of audit hell, it’s a good thing. Utilization may be down, but legitimate utilization is probably no better or worse than it ever was. What’s important is that what’s provided through the Medicare program gets paid for and stays paid for.

Mr. Harrison has a lot of gall to warn us about the “sadistic pain and suffering inflicted by CMS.” Overly aggressive advertising and abusive business practices by some in the business exploited Medicare beneficiaries and led directly to the punitive regulatory environment everyone else must now live with. Notoriety surrounding the fall of the Scooter Store has been used by industry critics to damage the credibility of everyone in the power mobility business.

—Don Chrysler, Amarillo, Texas