Thursday, October 22, 2009

LONGMONT, Colo. – When it comes to getting funded, Sunrise Medical’s new line of custom seating, ConfigureFit, leapfrogs the company’s older Rehabilitech and Adaptive Equipment Systems (AES) products. That will help providers improve their profitability, say company officials.

Sunrise created ConfigureFit by blending the Rehabilitech and AES lines and adding some new features. The result is two fold: It’s now more clear how each product should be applied clinically, and the products are more in line with current reimbursement codes.

 “It’s now easier for providers to optimize their custom seating solutions and get fairly reimbursed,” said Michael Proffitt, vice president of marketing and product management

ConfigureFit will eventually phase out the Rehabilitech and AES lines, said Pete Cionitti, vice president of product management for custom seating.

More choices

Thanks to a new supplier agreement, Sunrise can now use The ROHO Group’s air technology in its Jay J3 cushion, the company announced last month.