Sunrise gives custom seating a fit

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

FRESNO, Calif. - It's never been easier to match a custom-seating system to a wheelchair base, thanks to Sunrise Medical's new manufacturing set-up here, say company officials.

On April 1, Sunrise began producing its new Jay ConfigureFit line of custom seating in the same facility that it makes the company's Quickie (adult) and Zippie (pediatric) bases.

"What we can do now is bundle the custom seating system with the Zippie base or a Quickie base," said Michael Proffitt, vice president of marketing and product management. "We'll attach it together, make sure it works well, and then we'll send that out as a complete package."

Sunrise officials believe this will help providers operate more efficiently. No longer will they have to return a seating system or base because the two don't connect, which sometimes happens when providers mix and match bases from different companies, they said.

Once Sunrise confirms that a ConfigureFit seating system fits properly with a Zippie or Quickie base, the company separates the two and ships each to the provider in separate boxes.

"So when the dealer receives it, all he has to do is take the seating system out of the box, take the base out of its box, and but it back together," Proffit said.

Additionally, the ConfigureFit line is the first seating system to meet the ANSI/RESNA WC-20 safety standard for use in motor vehicles. This means it can be used on any WC-19 transit-approved base, Proffitt said.

"The two systems do not have to be tested together," he said. "It removes a level of complexity and brings a modular aspect to transit."

Sunrise created ConfigureFit by blending the Rehabilitech and AES lines and adding some new features. ConfigureFit will eventually phase out the Rehabilitech and AES lines.