Sunrise's Hammes: 'Face reality'

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ATLANTA - If the industry hopes for more than "flashes of success" when it comes to reimbursement and policy issues, providers must consistently involve patients in HME lobbying efforts.
"We need something deeper and more persuasive," said Sunrise Medical CEO Mike Hammes.
When it comes to lobbying for industry issues, screaming about "self-serving" arguments fall on deaf ears, Hammes said. The industry must partner with end-users to build credibility--credibility that HMEs are part of the healthcare continuum and not just equipment jockeys.
Manufacturers can help enlist the help of patients, but providers, who have more frequent interaction with patients, are in a much better position to do that, he said.
"We'd better face reality--we need to impact and change our external world," Hammes said. hme