Support surfaces: Do the right thing

Monday, November 21, 2011

ATLANTA - Wound care costs the healthcare system $11 billion annually and that creates opportunity for providers who want to grow their support surfaces business, says Mitch Yoel, executive vice president of business development and government affairs for Drive Medical.

"Brand your company as a knowledge resource," said Yoel, at Medtrade in October. "There's a bigger opportunity than just filling orders."

That means understanding the differences between Group 1 and Group 2 support surfaces; knowing the advantages and disadvantages of the various products; and being able to match specific product features with specific patient populations.

"Each product has its niche in the market," said Yoel. "You don't need to be a clinician but you need to understand how these products work."

There are several ways providers can establish themselves as a "knowledge resource," said Yoel. Those include quality assurance questionnaires and home environmental assessments.

The No. 1 referral source for support surfaces: certified home health agencies. 

"Go to the right place, identify the decision makers and tell them something they didn't already know," said Yoel. "Do the right thing by the patients, and you will grow your business."