Symphony software plays well for exclusive distribution partner

Saturday, November 30, 2002

KINGSTON, Ill. - The rehab management software system that Rick Headley rolled out into the market several years ago has found a new exclusive distributor in Stonebridge Holistic Consulting Agency.

Stonebridge picked up Headly's old HOPS system, now known as the Symphony order tracking system, in mid-November, just months after HealthMatrix Systems acquired Headley's Rehab Management Network (RMN) and announced plans to Web enable Symphony.

Built on a Lotus Notes platform, Symphony 2.5b is a front-end order tracking system that manages work flow interactions between different departments involved in the development of a rehab wheelchair.

Symphony " is an active system," said Phil Guirl, president of Stonebridge. "It tells the next person in line they have to do something. If they don't, it tells that person's boss."

The rehab market has yet to fully embrace front-end rehab systems. Stonebridge counts about a dozen companies as users. Rehab Anywhere and are also competing for traction in a space where many rehab providers still rely on homemade systems built on such platforms as Peachtree.

Stonebridge likes its prospects. The company believes its market spans about 6,000 rehab providers. Crucial to the success of any front-end system is integration with a provider's back-end.

Symphony integrated with Fastrack earlier this year. Fastrack President Spencer Kay doesn't believe any of his customers are using Symphony yet.

Stonebridge is now working on a 3.0 version of the software, which will include a multi-manufacturer configurator, palm and tablet versions, integration with more back-end billing & inventory systems, eCMNs and a host of other features. HME