Take action on competitive bidding

Thursday, July 11, 2013

ALEXANDRIA, Va. – With Round 2 of competitive bidding now underway, industry stakeholders plan to crank up the pressure on lawmakers with a virtual fly-in July 18.

AAHomecare is coordinating efforts with The VGM Group, The MED Group and state associations across the country to get providers and their patients to phone, fax or call lawmakers to report problems they’ve encountered since the program kicked off July 1. 

Less than two weeks into the program, stakeholders are hearing reports of equipment delays and shortages, and contract suppliers that are refusing to provide services in bid areas. But, according to AAHomecare, CMS is reporting only a few dozen complaints.

AAHomecare also urges providers to ask their members of Congress to support H.R. 2375, a bill to delay the bid program, and H.R. 1717, a bill to replace it with a market-pricing program. The latter, introduced April 24, currently has 137 co-sponsors.

Providers are also asked to forward any feedback they get from lawmakers to Jay Witter at AAHomecare, jayw@aahomecare.org.

For more information: http://action.aahomecare.org/


One week into CB we already find customers in extremely rural area that fall onto zip codes under CB . Patients called suppliers that have won the bids and refuse to take on patient because of cap issues. We notified patient that we could no longer serve him since wedding not bid. The supplier winning the id should be mandated to take on patient no matter what the date of service is they knew the rules now they don't want to play. Failures every where happening quickly. How about writing on the the responsibility of providers who won bids to honor the bid or get their privileges suspended.