TDX offers total driving experience

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Booth 1017 - Invacare believes its new TDX Total Driving eXperience SP takes power wheelchair technology to the next level.
The TDX SP incorporates performance upgrades that have company officials excited. Among the improvements: MK6i electronics provide a standard 90-amp controller for smooth driving performance; Enhanced SureStep suspension allows front casters to drop a full 3 inches off obstacles for reinforced stability and easier obstacle climbing; Quiet Stability Lock provides a stable, dampened and quiet ride; and Integrated TCD Traction Control Design has up to 1.5-inch climbing ability in reverse.
Because the model includes wider rear caster spacing, increased ground clearance and transportation brackets, it is built to be transportation friendly.
It also offers better accessibility with a 24-inch wide frame, 14-inch wheels and 22NF batteries, company officials said.The TDX SP debut is scheduled in tandem with the launch of MK6i electronics.
The model is the first in a series of introductions and is slated to co-exist with the TDX3, TDX4 and TDX5 models until the lineup is complete in 2007.