Tech permeates NSM Symposium

Friday, March 15, 2019

ORLANDO, Fla. – National Seating & Mobility automated its benefits and eligibility process last year, helping to increase its funding efficiency by 15% and reduce its funding cycle time by 10% in 2018, says CEO Bill Mixon.

This new process was among the highlights at the company’s annual symposium, Feb. 7-10 in Orlando, Fla.

“In the past, the process has been, like for most other providers, going to websites and manually trying to gain that information,” he said. “We’ve been able to use a third-party database to set up a proprietary process that allows us to garner that information on an automatic basis.”

The symposium, NSM’s 25th, drew more than 700 attendees, including more than 400 ATPs.

Technology and how NSM is leveraging it to improve all aspects of its operations and service was an overarching theme at the symposium. Other highlights:

Remote triage

The company has partnered with a third-party app to launch Remote Triage, a digital tool allowing technicians to remotely diagnose equipment problems. When a client calls into the branch, the technician offers the remote triage option. If the client agrees, the technician sends a text or email link to download the application. Once the client has the application on his or her mobile device, the technician will send a six-digit pin code. When the pin code is typed into the app, a live feed connection is established through the client’s camera to provide a visual of the issue or need.

“With the world of connectivity where it is right now, we’re moving to a place where we’re talking to our clients in their homes,” Mixon said.

Order status

The company has launched to allow clients and their clinicians to track the status of their orders anytime.

“We have a six-step process for orders,” said Stephanie Buckley, vice president of marketing. “It can be complicated. Through this website, clients can get a text notification every time their order moves through a step. It works just like a FedEx tracking number.”

Also at the symposium, NSM highlighted a new onboarding program for new ATPs and branch leaders. The company has transformed a more “grassroots” process on a regional basis into a three-day training program at the company’s corporate headquarters that involves, among other things, meeting with all department heads.

“They’re learning our technology, they’re learning our culture,” Buckley said. “We listened to our employees that they felt like they didn’t have enough training and they leave this program feeling like they have the knowledge they need.”