Sunday, June 30, 2002

SeQual's mini O2 concentrator wins 510K approval
SAN DIEGO -  SeQual Technologies touched another milestone on its efforts to develop a mini-oxygen concentrator in May when the FDA gave 510(k) approval to the company's Omni concentrator.

Although the FDA has opened the door to SeQual, the technology developer will refrain from taking the Omni to market until it can lower the price-point competitively and fine-tune the machine's componentry mix.

Ed Radtke, SeQual's vice president of sales and marketing, projects that when the Omni does hit the market, it will be not much larger than a thermos bottle, weigh as much as a laptop computer, and deliver 3 lpm at continuous flow and 6 lpm in a demand-flow mode."

In May, the company said it was shooting for a product introduction at Medtrade 2003, or perhaps the first quarter of 2004. HME