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Telehealth: CTF finalizes clinician guidelines

Telehealth: CTF finalizes clinician guidelines Stakeholders also ramp up lobbying for permanent change that would allow PTs, OTs to use telehealth

The Clinician Task Force has released final versions of a decision tree and a clinical paper on using telehealth for the provision of complex rehab technology.

Both the decision tree and paper will be distributed through the CTF and NCART. 

“The decision tree, we are hoping that people can use it as a standalone reference,” said Cara Masselink, the executive director of the CTF, during a recent CRT industry webinar, “but also with the paper, which describes a whole lot more, outlining the appropriate use and purpose of telehealth within CRT practices.”

The clinical paper was written to be consistent with RESNA’s Wheelchair Service Provision Guide, which provides a framework for identifying the essential steps in the provision of

More specifically, the paper describes how telehealth can be used in the recommendation and selection of complex rehab equipment, as well as fitting, training and delivering that equipment. It also includes detailed information on what clinicians should include in their documentation.

“(The paper concludes) with case examples that lead the reader through different scenarios of both using telehealth and when it would not be indicated for use,” Masselink said.

The formalized guidelines will add to the industry’s case that PTs and OTs should be permanently allowed to use and bill for telehealth for complex rehab. Right now, it’s allowed only through the public health emergency, which runs through April.

“The first step needs to be giving CMS the authority to make certain temporary things permanent,” said Don Clayback, executive director of NCART. “We’re setting up individual calls with key offices – there are a variety of House and Senate members that are focused on telehealth. We’ve actually had conversations with them over the past several months and we’re following up on that.” hme


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