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Templates: Cloud systems streamline procedures

Templates: Cloud systems streamline procedures Q. How does the cloud system work?

A. Interoperability conjures up a vision of some esoteric system straight out of Star Wars. However, it has such incredible value as to be vital in health care today.

The idea of a computer cloud system that can exchange and interpret vast amounts of data almost seems unreal, yet it is being used by almost every physician and hospital electronic record system. Through meaningful use testing in the last seven years, these systems must pass information back and forth among different provider systems. All facets of the vertical system except for HME can now speak among themselves interchangeably.  

Many feel the HME industry has been passed by and is not included in many aspects of the vertical healthcare system. In many ways, this is correct. However, there are a few systems that will allow the physician, OT, PT, and NP to communicate via a cloud-based system.

These systems operate according to standards and privacy established by the same technology used by banks and EHR systems that are used by physicians and hospitals. They provide a cloud but closed system that facilitates the exchange of pertinent data sets to be transmitted in the “lower atmosphere” of HME up to the higher atmosphere of clinicians and back down again.

With the cloud-based system, there is no software to install; it facilitates the exchange of information between clinician and supplier; and it improves documentation compliance, to name a few benefits.

In today's environment it remains vital to look at effective ways of streamlining procedures. I encourage everyone to continue to evaluate your businesses and determine available solutions that will help you achieve your goal in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Reid Bellis is director of marketing & media relations for PMDRX. He can be reached at


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