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Templates: Speed up turnaround time

Templates: Speed up turnaround time Q. Can templates help me reduce delivery time?

A. Suppliers can realize significant cost savings by reducing delivery turnaround times when electronic prescribing and documentation tools are used.

Complex mobility suppliers seem to be constantly grappling with how to deliver equipment at a faster rate than what might be humanly possible. We already know the faster the patient gets the equipment, the better the patient outcome. The process now takes between 90 and 120 days. Using an electronic prescribing tool that communicates via secure cloud-based technology can reduce that time to 15-20 days.

Suppliers are using prior authorization/ADMC systems offered by CMS. This is no guarantee of payment. Essentially, Medicare is saying, until we see everything there is to see in the way of documentation, there is no way we will tell you everything is correct and acceptable.  

And now CMS will expand prior authorizations. Will you struggle to get comprehensively appropriate documentation from the prescribing practitioner? And will doctors obtain the necessary information from the therapist? The vast majority of prescribing practitioners are not trained in formulating the necessary information to support your claim.

So how will you solve all these difficulties? How will you make it easier on your referral sources to get you the information you need? How will you get your information quickly and efficiently that gives you complete confidence you will submit your claim and be paid?

There are solutions out there. Fully validated technology exists. What are you waiting for?

Reid Bellis is director of marketing & media relations for PMDRX. He can be reached at


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