Three providers reveal their secrets to longevity

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

• Carl Mulberry, Columbus Medical Equipment, Columbus, Ohio, founded 1975: We focus on keeping our arms around our single location and doing as much as possible from here. We also chose to encourage patients to come in for repairs and final fittings so that we could keep our quality up to high standards. We do lose some business to companies who try to repair in the field; however, many of those patients have come back to us after a bad experience."

• Tom McAuliffe, Hutchinson Medical, Salem, Mass., founded 1908: Contributing to our longevity is being a reasonable size so as not to be impersonal, always featuring several distinguishing product lines and having a caring staff in a friendly working environment. We have less than typical staff turnover."

• David Bouvier, Bouvier Pharmacy, Malborough, Mass., Founded 1900: Pay attention to detail, grow slow and give the best service. Service is worth everything to most people, so offer the best."