'Timing right' for Desert Medical

Sunday, September 30, 2007

LAS VEGAS - Las Vegas caters to a fast-paced crowd and Bryan Schultz, owner of Desert Medical Equipment, made a few moves this year to help him keep up.
Schultz put down a good chunk of change to add five portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) to its rental fleet and bought a building in a medical complex currently under construction that's centrally located to the Strip.
Desert Medical added POCs manufactured by Inogen to its product mix after getting complaints from patients, Schultz said.
"The airlines won't let patients take their own concentrators onboard anymore and many of the airlines have discontinued their oxygen services," he said. "We felt sorry for patients."
Desert Medical will deliver the devices to patients at the airport. Or it will ship the devices to their homes in advance, with return boxes and prepaid slips from FedEx, so they can fly to Vegas and back with the Federal Aviation Administration-approved devices.
The new building, one of 10 buildings in the complex, will replace the provider's leased location in an industrial park. Additionally, Desert Medical will stop leasing a 1,000-square-foot storage site it uses to service convention centers.
The 5,400-square-foot building will double the provider's current space. It will feature added office space, a conference room and a service area with air conditioning.
"The company's growing, and we just finished our leases, so the timing was right," he said.