Tomorrow Health tries to one-up Amazon

Friday, June 5, 2020

NEW YORK – While online platforms like Amazon may sell DME at competitive prices, their cash-only business model leaves insurance beneficiaries out in the cold. Tomorrow Health looks to fill that void.

The technology-driven company works with Medicare and more than 100 private insurers to provide respiratory, mobility, wound care, urological and nutritional products—all with two-day delivery.

"Insurance is one of the least consumer-friendly industries out there," said Vijay Kedar, co-founder and CEO. "I built (Tomorrow Health) on the idea that we could bring technology and operations and a consumer focus together to make a better insurance experience."

The idea for Tomorrow Health was born out of Kedar's own experience coordinating his mother's home care after she was diagnosed with stage 3 cancer. Not only did he have to work with multiple providers to get the right equipment, he also had to navigate her insurance benefits.

At Tomorrow Health, users can talk to care advocates over the phone, order online, or coordinate with their physician or insurance company to select products. The company offers real-time, upfront prices based on people’s plans and then manages the reimbursement process end to end.

“Amazon is good at telling you when the box is going to get there, but they have no idea what’s in the box,” Kedar said. “And this is a category in which we think that level of personalized support and guidance is really essential.”

Tomorrow Health currently works with payers in 25 states, including most of the Northeast, Texas, Washington and Michigan, and plans to operate in all 50 states by the end of fall. In the meantime, individuals in all 50 states have access to direct-pay categories.

The company is also keen to partner with providers as an online extension of their brick and mortar stores.

“We believe that our technology and operations will be beneficial for DME providers seeking to improve operational efficiency, reduce their cost structure, acquire new customers or deliver a stronger patient experience,” said Kedar."