Truth about health care

Thursday, April 30, 2009

We have the money to spend billions on wars. We have billions to spend on bailing out Wall Street, the automotive industry, etc. Where are our priorities when we will not spend the money on the health of our population? Washington has passed legislation to give HME to the lowest bidder.

The truth about healthcare costs is not that healthcare providers are getting rich; they are going broke. The truth about healthcare providers is not prices going up. Prices are coming down. Wheelchairs cost less, doctors have to see more patients, hospitals are going out of business.

If we all do not call Washington and make it clear that our health care is more important than a war in Afghanistan or some Wall Street executive, we will find ourselves being cared for by the cheapest doctor, hospital, home health agency and HME provider. Is this what you want?

-- Joel Holland, Holland Medical, Nashville