TV advertising: Keep these four things in mind

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Jack Evans, president of Global Media Marketing, has these words of wisdom for providers who, like Mike Kuller, are advertising on TV.

1.) Don't break the bank!

The cost of advertising on cable stations is really affordable in many areas, Evans says. "In urban areas, it's still $50 a spot, but in most average cities, it's $3 to $5 a spot," he said. "People can spend as little as $1,500 per month and look as big as a national provider. It's great."

2.) Pick the right station.

A big part of running a successful TV campaign, Evans says, is picking the right station to run your ads. One way you can do this: "Pick a handful of stations and start with two," he said. "Whichever doesn't perform, rotate in a new one. Eventually, you'll get to the one station that everyone's watching." Or: "Ask your customers what their favorite TV show is and advertise on that station," he said.

3.) Track everything.

Evans recommends that providers use an ad agency to help them track their TV advertising, because with TV advertising, the response is immediate. "You know within a week if an ad is working," he said.

4.) Make it personal.

In TV ads, providers want to show the personal benefits of choosing their company. "Show how a spouse can stay with a partner by using a transport chair," Evans said. "You have to show the benefits."