Two from Scooter Store accepted as Friends of NRRTS

Friday, October 31, 2003

LAGO VISTA, Texas - Two Scooter Store employees from the provider’s government affairs department recently submitted applications to become Friends of NRRTS, which allows individuals in the rehabilitation technology business who may not meet NRRTS’s membership requirements to become involved in the organization.

“[The two employees] became Friends of NRRTS really as a way to open the dialogue around the issues of more generalized mobility certification,” said Margaret McGuckin, executive vice president of marketing for The Scooter Store. “NRRTS and RESNA are both industry groups that are working these issues from an industry perspective, so we think it makes sense to work across the industry to address the issue.”

The Scooter Store has been working with several organizations to discuss the need for a certification exam for those who specialize in general mobility, according to McGuckin. The company feels RESNA’s ATP and ATS exams cater more to high end mobility products.

“We believe that the general mobility industry has different needs than are covered by the current certification, so we are working across the industry to help open dialogue around that issue,” she said.

By accepting the Friends of NRRTS applications, NRRTS also hopes to benefit by having fresh faces and opinions in the organization.

“[These two men] are experienced lobbyists and are frequently involved with policy makers and legislators,” said NRRTS President Dan Lipka. “Their knowledge could be of value to our organization.”

NRRTS’s acceptance of The Scooter Store employees comes shortly after the nation’s leading mobility dealer announced it supports and is seeking national accreditation.

“One of the ways you can open the dialogue is to get really familiar with the current certification, so that you can have a more fruitful dialogue with the folks who are currently certifying for the high end rehab market,” McGuckin said.