Friday, May 31, 2002

ALEXANDRIA, Va. - CMS failed to take up the Re/hab and Assistive Technology Council's (RATC) recently submitted code applications at its DME Open Meeting last month, but RATC hopes they'll make the agenda at its last meeting of the year on June 17.

While the council continues to work on submitting additional code applications, it's waiting for CMS to give the first batch of codes its stamp of approval, according to Mary-Lacey Reuther, executive director of RATC. In April, the council submitted 22 product and accessory codes for pediatric mobility.

"They haven't posted the agenda yet, but we're monitoring the CMS Web site," said Reuther at press time. "We definitely want those done."

Reuther said any number of scenarios could play out once the codes are reviewed. "They could say, 'Yes, we think the codes are warranted,'" she said. "They could also say, 'No, we don't think they're necessary, and we're going to lump them in with other codes.' Or, they could say, 'There isn't sufficient utilization data to support these codes. Keep billing them as miscellaneous.'"

Reuther said RATC, as the applicant, would have 15 minutes to address CMS at the meeting. If the codes are approved, they wouldn't go into effect until next year.

Meanwhile, Reuther said at a meeting last month, RATC outlined the next batch of code applications it'll submit code applications for: power mobility, and seating.

RATC will meet again this month for a breakout work session. HME