UroMed finds inspiration in its patients

Friday, June 22, 2012

SUWANEE, Ga. – Leave it to UroMed to find another way to connect with its customers and build its brand.

The mail-order provider of catheter supplies in April published an e-book, “Courage: Stories of Hometown Heroes,” the first in a series culled from its blog of the same name.

“It’s a tangible symbol to the community about our commitment to providing them with support resources in addition to the products we provide,” said Lisa Wells, director of marketing.

The e-book features the stories of diverse individuals who have overcome a wide range of physical challenges to lead successful lives. The stories are meant to be inspirational but also raise awareness in the larger community, said Wells.

“When you meet them, all you see is the chairs, but there’s a bigger story than that,” she said.

The format itself, read on an iPad or Kindle, also speaks to UroMed’s commitment to its customers. Those devices are often easier to use for individuals who may have limited hand function.

“The e-book helps us be perceived as cutting edge in terms of being a technology leader in our market,” said Wells. “It also helps us take our brand to where our customers are, instead of trying to get them to come to where we are.”

The e-book, which includes pictures and links to additional content, took about three weeks to compile, said Lindsey Beacham, marketing coordinator.

“Anyone with a working knowledge of Microsoft Word or Notepad could create an e-book,” she said. “I am computer savvy, so I was able to quickly fix any kinks we