UroMed partners with publisher

Thursday, March 8, 2012

SUWANNEE, Ga. - At UroMed, improving the quality of life of customers also means improving the quality of health education available to medical professionals.

The mail-order provider recently partnered with a health publications company on a urological health continuing education series for clinicians.

"We want to help extend the knowledge available to professionals in this field," said Lisa Wells, director of marketing for UroMed. "When we do that we are improving the level of care for the people we serve."

Dorland Health publishes information on trends, challenges, best practices and clinical updates aimed at medical professionals like nurses, case managers and social workers. 

Dorland Health approached UroMed because it is a leading provider in the urology field, said Anne Llewellyn, editor in chief.

"Our goal with UroMed was to bring people together on issues with regard to some of the top (urological) conditions that cause readmissions, that cause complications," said Llewellyn. "It brings issues to mind so they can think about it while they are working with that patient."

UroMed identified subject matter experts who could contribute the 12 articles that make up the series. Dorland took care of the rest.

There's always a need for this kind of ongoing education. Manufacturers have traditionally offered it, but they've cut back on CEU programs in recent years, said Wells.

"We saw a need in the educational space for the condition that we care for," she said. "Instead of just being a company that goes to clinicians and says, 'what can you give to us,' we are trying to do something to help them."

The urology health CEU program is available at www.dorlandhealth.com/uromed. Topics include neurogenic bladder, spina bifida and caregiving issues. Each article is worth two CEUs.