U.S. Medical has scholarly promotion

Friday, January 25, 2013

RALEIGH, N.C. – Michael Tilma says the contacts U.S. Medical Supplies makes through its scholarship program are part of a plan to reach its target market.

“These students will grow up to one day recommend our products,” said Tilma, head of marketing for U.S. Medical’s parent company Internet Alliance. “It’s a longer-term game plan.”

This is the third year web-based U.S. Medical Supplies will grant a $5,000 Medical Professionals of Tomorrow scholarship to a college student pursuing a degree in a medical field. In its first year, the scholarship drew 400 applicants; this year it has drawn more than 6,000, largely because U.S. Medical listed it on Fastweb, a well-known scholarship website.

Tilma says reaching out to students does have some immediate effects.

“These college students and graduate students all have grandparents and all have aunts and uncles and people talk to each other,” said Tilma. “When these issues come up, they’ll mention our company. I think that’s valuable.”

Another part of the plan: social media. Scholarship applicants must follow U.S. Medical Supplies on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

“A lot of people in our industry aren’t taking advantage of social media,” said Tilma. “This is a way to reach people and really make connections with both past and potential customers.”

Tilma says the company has grown significantly since it began offering the scholarship.

“Since 2010, that website has grown by $2 million to 3 million per year in revenue,” said Tilma.