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Ventec meets ‘high demand’ with V+Pro

Ventec meets ‘high demand’ with V+Pro

Erika LaskeyBOTHELL, Wash. – Ventec Life Systems is back to addressing “the complex business demands of its core customers,” says Erika Laskey, after spending much of the COVID-19 pandemic working to supply the U.S. national ventilator stockpile. 

The company announced in the fall that the V+Pro had been approved as reimbursable by Medicare under codes E0465 or E0466, opening it up for more widespread use in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and homes. 

“As you can imagine, (the stockpile) consumed our full resources for the majority of 2020 and it wasn’t until the units had been delivered were we able to begin to address the complex business demands of our core customers in the form of broad reimbursement applications, such as the recent PDAC verification for E0465/E0466,” said Laskey, chief commercial officer, who joined the company this fall. 

Ventec, in conjunction with General Motors, has supplied the stockpile with more than 30,000 V+Pro standalone devices. 

Laskey says the V+Pro is gaining traction at a time when “there is high market demand for additional sources of ventilation technology.” 

“(This is) due to not only the pandemic, but also to performance issues of the current ventilator devices available for sale globally,” she said. 

While demand for ventilators has ebbed and flowed during the pandemic, Laskey says Ventec, because of its partnership with GM, has created a “robust supply chain” that has helped it manage fluctuations. 

“We operate on a FIFO (first in, first out) basis for our order fulfillment and our supply chain has been incredibly responsive to demand,” she said. “We are fully prepared to answer the needs of our customers with finished goods that are currently available and ready for sale.”


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