VGM offers playbooks

Thursday, February 4, 2016

WATERLOO, Iowa – The VGM Group has made available a 26-page playbook with ideas and strategies to grow and adapt in this new age of HME.

The 2016 HME Business Playbook addresses market and healthcare trends, new business and revenue opportunities, product life-cycle economics, among other topics.

“This resource is truly a game-changer for our industry,” said Clint Geffert, president of VGM & Associates. “Similar to sports, in business you need to research ways to take advantage of the match-up or situation to have success.”

There are three versions of the playbook for providers in bidding, rural, and regional areas.

VGM plans to update the playbooks each quarter. Other topics that will be addressed include cybersecurity, healthcare retail, home modifications and business analytics.

“The landscape for HME has and will continue to change and that’s precisely why our team of experts works relentlessly to develop programs to take on and assist our members with their toughest business challenges.”

The playbook is free and available to members and non-members.