VGM socializes providers

Sunday, December 21, 2008

WATERLOO, Iowa - The VGM Group announced last week that it has partnered with CareFlash to help HME providers tap into "one of the mega-trends in our country": social networking Web sites.

Through the partnership, providers can get their ads featured on CareFlash's social networking Web site, At the site, family and friends submit, retrieve and share information about their loved ones with disabilities and chronic medical conditions.

"As millions of people with disabilities and chronic conditions gather in a single place, in this case in the virtual world of social networking, there can't help but be opportunities for HME providers," stated Mike Mallaro, VGM's CFO and CIO, in a release.

VGM members pay $75 per month (non-members pay $100) to become sponsors of patient sites on CareFlash's Web site. As sponsors, they're allowed to post ads on the patient sites.

Sponsors can expect their ads "to reach thousands of people a month," according to VGM's release.

Also through the partnership: VGM Forbin, VGM's Web design and marketing firm, will place links to CareFlash on all of the provider Web sites it develops.

"Because of the growing importance of online social networking, adding a link to CareFlash is an enhancement to any medical Web site," according to VGM's release.