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VGMA’s Stolz: ‘How we navigate growing need will determine how successful we are’

VGMA’s Stolz: ‘How we navigate growing need will determine how successful we are’

Jeremy StolzWATERLOO, Iowa – Jeremy Stolz, the new president of VGM & Associates (VGMA), believes “a greater sense of collaboration” is key to the company’s and the HME industry’s future. 

“I’ve seen the industry evolve to have a greater sense of collaboration, whether you’re a national provider or a mom-and-pop provider,” he said. “Greater unity is what’s best for the patient. But I think we can take this concept even further. Associates is well positioned to provide additional services and opportunities to facilitate that.” 

Here’s what else Stolz had to say about making a commitment, driving growth and thinking clearly. 

HME News: You’re the new president of VGMA but you’re also remaining the president of VGM Fulfillment, a role you’ve had since 2017. Why did you want to take on the additional challenge of leading VGMA? 

Jeremy Stolz: I love The VGM Group, and I love the HME industry. I am personally committed to the people at our company, to our customers and to the people they serve. I also saw it as a great opportunity to help, and I think I can do a great job.  

HME: How do you plan to balance two such high-profile roles? 

Stolz: We set up both businesses to elevate some people and give them more responsibilities and different roles. That’s the main way we’re going to achieve this – with a tremendous team. 

HME: What are the synergies between VGMA and Fulfillment that will make taking on both roles easier? 

Stolz: They’re very different businesses, but they’re both set up to help solve problems for our customers. We also have common customers, and I see opportunities to create even more common customers. 

HME: Fulfillment has seen significant growth under your leadership. What are your growth plans for VGMA? 

Stolz: At Fulfillment, we might think about how much product can we move and how efficiently, but also, how many more customers and their patients we can help and that does translate. For both businesses, we want to get deeper with the customers we already have and expand our reach to more customers. 

HME: Why are the services VGMA provides so important to the industry? 

Stolz: We help our customers make sense of things when things are chaotic and uncertain. We are who the industry turns to for expertise. 

HME: Where do you see the most potential in the industry? 

Stolz: There’s a need to get patients home and to provide the highest quality of care there. How we navigate that growing need and how we position ourselves will determine how successful we are. 

HME: Let’s end on a more personal note. What’s life like outside of work? 

Stolz: My wife and I are empty nesters, but we have a 10-year-old black lab named Joey and she loves to swim and go for walks, so we love to be outdoors. Exercise is important for me to unwind and think more clearly. I also have an Indian Chieftan motorcycle that I like to ride. It was made in Spirit Lake, Iowa, and one of the engineers who worked on it is from New Hampton, Iowa, where I grew up, which is kind of a neat coincidence.


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