Voluntary reaction at Allcare Medical

Monday, June 7, 2010

MILLBURY, Mass. - You might say provider Bill Fredericks is molding young minds.

The owner of Allcare Medical Supply recently gave all 13 of his employees--many of whom are in their 20s--40 paid hours to do volunteer work. That's in addition to their regular vacation and benefits.

"As young kids, when they do something like this, I think it gives them a lot of personal growth," said Fredericks. "I found that any time I've done charitable stuff, it benefits me way more than it benefits the charity. I'd like to see them take that and incorporate it into their lives."

Employees can break up the time however they want to and Fredericks didn't stipulate the charities they could choose. Among the organizations that will benefit from his largesse: a summer camp for sick children; an organization that places assistant dogs with people who are deaf or disabled; and an organization that provides interview clothing for poor women seeking work.

"It's added an incredible energy to the business," he said.

Like other providers, Allcare, which recently celebrated 10 years in business, has been pinched by reimbursement cuts and rising costs. Still, Fredericks says he feels "blessed" and wanted to reward his employees for their help in his success.

"You can't give them as much (salary) as you would like but something like this is going to be a lot more valuable then an extra dollar in their paychecks," he said. "They are the face of the company. As they go, the company goes."