Walking the walk: Rehab providers support consumers

Sunday, January 19, 2003

January 20, 2003

PHILADELPHIA - The HME industry has been touting the importance of involving consumers in its various causes, and now it’s taking steps to return the favor.

Rehab providers and manufacturers are donating their time and money to a march and rally sponsored by ADAPT, a consumer group fighting for alternatives to nursing homes for people with disabilities. The group has presented the Legislature with a bill that would give people with disabilities a choice of where and how they receive services.

Dave Williams, who’s serving as the link between ADAPT and the rehab industry, said providers have donated $2,500 to the cause so far. He said he hopes to raise $5,000 before the march begins on Sept. 3 in Philadelphia.

“We talk the talk about involving consumers and supporting consumers, so that they’ll support us,” said Williams, director of government affairs for the Elyria, Ohio-based Invacare. “This is our opportunity to walk the talk.”

Williams is also trying to organize a network of providers to offer tech services and repairs for those participating in march.

The march culminates on Sept. 17 in Washington, where there’ll be a rally and visits with legislators to lobby for ADAPT’s bill, the Medicaid Community Attendant Services and Supports Act (MiCASSA).

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