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Wanted: Hometown HMEs

Wanted: Hometown HMEs Doctor in the House sees Medtrade Spring as key to local markets

Just the name Doctor in the House conveys an impression that the Blue Bell, Pa.-based orthotics manufacturer isn't a run-of-the-mill product emporium. It is operated by a physician, Dr. Scott Fried, who specializes in hand surgery, and the company operates more like a practice than a factory.

The company has had a presence at the Medtrade fall show in Atlanta for a few years, but this year they are expanding their HME industry presence by exhibiting at Medtrade Spring in Las Vegas. The reason, says Alan Dupuis, vice president of sales, is to get traction with more brick-and-mortar HME providers for its recently released shoulder, wrist, back and knee orthotic product lines.

“We're looking for the hometown HME providers who have the local connections,” he said. “They can help us introduce this new line of products to the physician community and their patients.”

Pride in a design approach for orthotic equipment that represents outside-the-box thinking is evident with a cash sales item called Easy Splint, a shoulder sling that Dupuis describes as “a fanny pack on steroids.”  Instead of concentrating the sling weight on the neck, the Easy Splint fastens around the waist. By resting on the waist pack, the patient's arm has more functionality than it would strapped against the chest.

As a practicing physician for 30 years, Dr. Fried developed an empathy with patients and channeled that empathy into the design of his product line, used by therapists at his practice. Besides being designed for more comfort, orthotics like the Miracle Splint for wrists has a “healing effect” that is 50% effective in curing carpal tunnel, tendinitis and arthritis without surgery, Dupuis said.

The company also serves as a resource for patients, as a toll-free number on the package connects callers directly with a therapist who can answer any clinical questions.

Ultimately, exposure at Medtrade Spring offers a great opportunity for Doctor in the House to make greater inroads into the HME industry while offering providers a competitive advantage through a product line with a unique appeal for patients, Dupuis said.


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