Warning shot

Friday, April 24, 2015

Please think hard about this warning! In the March issue of HME News, industry stakeholders proudly state that the “PMD demo is working” (page 19). What do they mean by “working”? Utilization is down by 69%. A substantial number of other articles in the same issue (and every other issue for the last few years) describe, in horrific detail, the sadistic pain and suffering inflicted by CMS’s various audit schemes. So, what do the PMD demo and these schemes have in common? The PMD demo allows Medicare to inflict all of the same ridiculous and sadistic “standards” on all claims before they’re processed. It’s no surprise that utilization is down by 69%. The big surprise is the industry and the press keep celebrating this as a success. Please watch out for prior authorizations coming to any other product categories! Imagine the joy of having to pass 100% of your business through the irrational hurdles of today’s punitive audit environment. You might be lucky to have 31% of your claims survive. Is that enough for your business to survive?

—Doug Harrison, founder, The Scooter Store