Watts sisters take over Adaptive Medical Concepts

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

LIMA, Ohio – Neither Laurie Watt-Youngpeter nor Jennifer Watt-Redd planned to get into the HME business, but they’re now hooked. 

Their father founded Adaptive Medical Concepts here in 1991; after working with him for nearly two decades, the sisters purchased the business earlier this year. 

“We know the business,” said Watt-Youngpeter. “We thought it was the right thing to do.”

The sisters’ strengths complement each other: Watt-Youngpeter works with customers and Watt-Redd keeps the books. 

Watt-Youngpeter says the level of trust between sisters simplifies running the business.

“It’s easier to talk to family about money and stuff like that,” said Watt-Youngpeter. “We’re both on the same page.”

Still, they are sisters. 

“We do argue—we’re siblings,” said Watt-Redd. “But for the most part, we mesh pretty well together.”

Although Advanced Medical Concepts isn’t located in a competitive bidding area, the sisters plan to keep a strong retail division on top of their Medicare and private insurance business. 

“We try to offer pretty much everything customers need,” said Watt-Youngpeter.

Watt-Redd says that strategy, in addition to being the only locally-owned HME company in the area, keeps customers coming back. 

“They know us by name and they know we’re discreet,” said Watt-Redd. “That helps them be more comfortable asking for products like diapers. We keep the embarrassment factor down.”