'We just focus on making everything easy for the customer'

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BROOKLYN, N.Y.--An online provider has made it easier than ever for customers to buy durable medical equipment without leaving home.

Themedicalsupplydepot.com recently redesigned its Web site with features that allow customers to research their options before buying. Visitors to the site can compare items side-by-side, and filter by brand, item, cost or product attributes.

“We’ve added a lot of information to help the customer make the right choice,” said Meir Tsinman, president of the three-year-old company. “(For example), the ‘Help me choose’ feature provides a primer on the basics of wheelchair measurements, types and optional features.”

Themedicalsupplydepot.com offers a full range of medical supplies including diabetes; ostomy; skin and wound care; bath safety; ADLs; and DME like beds, walkers and lift chairs.

This year, the company added wheelchairs and scooters, and it has partnered with Drive Medical to offer products that go beyond traditional Medicare-reimbursed items, like a wheelchair that transforms into a transport chair.

Partnering with a direct-to-consumer provider like themedicalsupplydepot.com allows the manufacturer to gain feedback on what people want, said Doug Francis, executive vice president, Drive.

“As the economy has suffered, customers have been forced to seek alternative purchasing methods,” he said. “These are items designed for people paying out-of-pocket.”

In an effort to reward frequent shoppers, themedicalsupplydepot.com has also introduced the MSD Club. For a small fee, club members get 5% off for a year on most products, plus 10% off one order of their choice.

“People who sign up for that are the people who purchase items on a regular basis,” said Tsinman. “The savings are there. We just focus on making everything easy for the customer.”