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The week in diabetes: A closing, a cause, a tight pair of jeans

The week in diabetes: A closing, a cause, a tight pair of jeans

It's what I dread most these days when making calls. A disconnected number. Especially when that number belongs to a provider who has cheerfully taken my calls and weighed in on whatever topics I throw at him regularly over the nearly 10 years I've been here.

This week, that closed door appears to belong to the owner of a small mom-and-pop diabetes business. It's not like this hasn't been coming for a long time, but still. It's discouraging.

It's been a diabetes week, all around.

My roommate Manisha began fundraising for the Tour de Cure, a 50k bike race to raise funds for the American Diabetes Association. She's riding in honor of her father who died of diabetes complications.

I didn't even know she had a bike, but I immediately donated to the cause. Even though I am kind of the cause.

On Wednesday, I met with the dietician at the diabetes center. We've been tweaking my diet because a.) I've put on weight and refuse to give in to the fat, and b.) I want to get my AIC down.

The result? I've gained three pounds and my AIC has crept up. OMG! WTF?!

Can I say WTF in a company blog?

Maybe I need to start training with Manisha.

Also on Wednesday I got a replacement meter in the mail because mine suddenly stopped working and I've been using a backup that is 12 hours off, timewise. Let's hope I remember how to set it up properly.

Stay tuned.



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