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Welcome to National CRT Awareness Week

Welcome to National CRT Awareness Week

You probably can feel it in the air. You're sensing that this is not just any ordinary day and you're right. Since it's Monday, we'll help explain that feeling. Today, Aug. 19, is the first day of National CRT Awareness Week.

National CRT Awareness Week is being held to increase awareness of what Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) is, the important role it plays in the health and independence of children and adults with disabilities, and the need for Congress to pass pending legislation to protect CRT access.

The focus of the week is to spread the CRT message. That CRT consists of medically necessary and individually configured manual and power wheelchairs, seating and positioning systems, and other adaptive equipment. That this specialized equipment is critical to people with significant disabilities to help manage their unique medical needs and to maximize their function, independence and access to the community. And that the proper provision and use of CRT reduces medical complications, clinical interventions, hospitalizations, institutionalizations, as well as the need for long-term care and support.

The good news is that everyone can take part. Many organizations already have their plans in place and we're looking for others to join in. Here are some ideas for how to get involved either this week or as we move through the rest of the month:

  • Invite everyone in your organization to visit and send emails to Congress (or make phone calls). Include your customers, patients and others.
  • Use social media to tag your members of Congress in a post asking them to co-sponsor and pass our CRT bills.
  • Create a video of yourself or a group explaining the importance of CRT and asking others to visit Be creative and share on social media.
  • Schedule a meeting with your members in their district offices and bring along other constituents to share their perspectives on CRT access.
  • If appropriate, invite your members or their staff to visit your facility so they can see how unique CRT is for themselves.

This is a key time for CRT advocates to be taking action as Congress is in recess and your members are back in your home districts. Once Members return to the Capitol in September they'll be discussing and voting on important legislation.

We want our CRT bills to be included in those conversations:

Protect Complex Rehab Wheelchairs - This is the first of our two legislative initiatives. H.R. 2293, introduced by Reps. John Larson, D-Conn., and Lee Zeldin, R-N.Y., and S. 1223, introduced by Sens. Bob Casey, D-Pa., and Rob Portman, R-Ohio, will halt inappropriate Medicare payment cuts for critical components of complex rehab manual wheelchairs and permanently exclude them from the competitive bidding program.

Create CRT Separate Benefit Category - This second legislative initiative represents needed comprehensive change. H.R. 2408, introduced by Reps. Jim Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., and Brian Higgins, D-N.Y., will establish a separate benefit category for CRT within the Medicare program to allow better access and safeguards through proper segregation and improvements in coverage, coding and supplier standards.

National CRT Awareness Week is a great opportunity to help spread the CRT message and encourage others to get involved. Use the email links, phone call guides, and other background information at and add your own ideas. Thanks for letting your members of Congress know their constituents at home want them to pass pending CRT legislation to protect important access for people with disabilities.

Don Clayback is executive director of NCART. Reach him at [email protected] or 716-839-9728.


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