'We're going to out-style our competitors,' Drive says

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

PORT WASHINGTON, N.Y. - Drive Medical kicked off its extreme makeover in January when it debuted a new turbo-charged Web site, consumer-friendly packaging and a suite of six planograms for its line of products.
The new offerings preceed the company's plan this spring to unveil a line of products designed by world-famous architect Michael Graves, who is also a paraplegic with a personal interest in medical equipment.
"We really transformed the look of the company around this association with Michael Graves," said Ed Link, vice president of marketing. "I think this is going to catapult us to a whole new level. If you look at the Michael Graves line as a product category, it is going to be so different than what is available. People are going to be saying, 'I didn't know I could get something to do that, and it is very attractive and ergonomical.'"
The company's new packaging includes bar coding and serial numbers in the same location on every box, making it easier for providers to scan the boxes. It also has a "clean and contemporary" look and shows the consumer how the product should be used.
In designing the new packaging, Link said, Drive reached out to dealers, who said it must be informative because they can't always help every person.
"It increases the number of potential customers," Link said. "Someone who has trouble with mobility but who never considered a rollator sees this and says, 'Wow. This could really help me out.'"
In upgrading its Web site, Drive made it faster and easier for providers to place orders. The company's planograms, its first ever, provide headers and signs and show providers how to best display different combinations of product.
"We're trying to help the dealer to develop business," Link said. "We are going to out-hustle, out-style, out-innovate, out-improve all of our competitors."