WHB designs private label breast form

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

CYPRESS, Texas -- Unhappy with other breast forms on the market, Women's Health Boutique founder Vicki Jones put her art and design background to the test and developed a new breast prosthesis available now through the franchise's private label.
The final product, Silicone Lite, is a moldable, natural-looking non-custom prosthesis that is lightweight and more adaptable for its wearers, Jones said.
"My goal was to design a prosthesis that was moldable enough that the bra would change the shape of the prosthesis as it does the natural breast when you change bras," she said.
The ability to changing undergarments is important, as fashion becomes a central sales force in the mastectomy market, said Jones.
The form is made from a new air whipped silicone, a lighter and cooler material.
Jones spent two years developing the product with the Women's Health Boutique franchise owners to create a product and brand identity that everyone would want to use in their stores. So far, the form fits 70% of Boutique customers.
Daina Pitzenberger, the company's president and CEO, said the Boutique plans to add a new or updated prosthesis each year. In October, it will introduce a two-layer process form with a moldable back
"We launched a private label program couple years ago, but this one, due to its light weight and the customization of the size, has been 10 to one more successful for us," said Pitzenberger.