When it comes to retail, it's a Good Life

Sunday, January 23, 2011

There was a time when provider Stacy Cohen couldn’t have imagined buying things online. Nowadays, she is continually finding ways to maximize her retail business on the web.

Cohen and her husband, Rich, recently updated their website, www.goodlifemedical.com, to ensure that the 10-year-old company, which offers a range of products, keeps up with online shopping trends.

“We feel that online selling is the future of retail,” said Cohen, vice president. “Every year the volume of sales increases online. Buyers like the convenience and low prices.”

The updated site includes features like e-gift cards and a “wish list.”  Cohen is also creating “satellite” sites—goodlifescooters.com is the first—that will offer more in-depth information on various product categories and tips on how to select the best product.

The husband-and-wife team operates wholly on a retail basis, offering major brands for less money, they say. Customers place orders online or over the phone and items are shipped directly from the manufacturers.

“We don’t have to stock it, we don’t have to ship it from the manufacturer here and then ship it out again,” said Rich Cohen.