Women's Health

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Gabrialla, the women’s product division of ITA-MED, now offers lace-top thigh highs in two compression levels: 18-20mm & 20-30mm. Lined at the top with smooth silicone bands, they stay secure without binding. They come in three colors: beige, nude, & black.


Bellisse’s new Compressure Comfort Bra for lymphedema and other post surgical needs features the unique, patent-pending Compressure Comfort System. The bra utilizes expert engineering, state-of-the-art fabrication, and high quality construction to apply continuous compression to the chest and breast area. Product is available for immediate delivery.

FLA Orthopedics, Inc. has expanded its line of products with the addition of the Soft Form Maternity Belt. The maternity belt relieves the minor lumbar and abdominal pain and discomfort associated with pregnancy. Features include: Abdominal Lift Attachment; ventilated elastic back and side panels; easy hook and loop closure; two anti-roll stays latex free.

Ladies First

Ladies First’s Soft Silhouette Anytime Bra designed for daytime, sleep, recreation and leisure. A pleasurable improvement to the traditional mastectomy bra, this pocketed design is the bra you will want to live. Inner pockets support weighted or non-weighted prostheses and the natural breast. Wide straps are easy on the shoulders. Seamless stretch cups.

GHC - Ultimate Therapy’s 22mmHg Support Sock consists of double cushioned soft and comfortable terry knit fabric, helping to maintain healthy legs together with perfect soothing skin feel. Features: Ribbed style sock, non-restricting stay-up top.


Pro-Med Supplies’ Pill Box for Women on the Go. An ideal way to remember to take vitamins and medication. The Super Medicine Chest has seven removable compartments in a single tray. Take along just what you need for the day. Inserts with appealing graphics depicting morning, noon, evening and bedtime.

Ladies First
Ladies First’s Soft Secret silicone breast prostheses is now available in sable. This hand-crafted and durable silicone prostheses has been specifically color-created to blend with and more closely match, darker skin tones. Its softness and drape combined with a symmetrical shape offers a comfortable and natural fit on either the right or left side.