Work group expands focus on Medicaid issues

Thursday, January 12, 2017

WASHINGTON – AAHomecare’s State Leaders Council has formed a work group to explore ways to address competitive bid pricing for Medicaid.

The 21st Century Cures Act, which passed in December, contained a provision that limits the federal portion of Medicaid reimbursement to Medicare’s bid pricing for DMEPOS starting in 2018.

The work group will assess what level of flexibility states have in setting Medicaid rates, and will develop approaches to educate state Medicaid directors about their options under the new law.

“We’re excited to expand the focus of AAHomecare’s partnership with our local HME associations to tackle increasing state issues facing our members as a result of the changes mandated in the Cures Act that affect Medicaid reimbursement,” said Kam Yuricich, who chairs the work group and the State Leaders Council, and is executive director of the Ohio Association of Medical Equipment Services and Great Lakes Home Medical Services Association.  


I thought both of the Medicaid "pay-fors" buried in the Medicare legislation this year were worse than the help we received with Medicare.  While the Medicare patient can get some sort of reimbursement on a non-assigned claim, there is no such provision for Medicaid patients.  So if a Medicaid patient weighs 275# and needs a heavier scooter, for instance, they are COMPLETELY out of pocket, and get no assistance from Medicaid for the item.  Or they take the little one, and fall turning it around.  This is not good.