Wound Care

Saturday, November 30, 2002

Biomedical Systems
The Heeler

- Effectively and inexpensively eliminates 100% of pressure on heel and foot ulcers but allows optimum air circulation.

- New Slip-Guard strap keeps foot in proper position.

- Includes comfortable shearing cover and inflatable cushion.

Carrington Labs Ultrex Preservative Free Gel
- Use with painful wounds, sensitive skin, low-pain thresholds or preservative reactions.

- True, unit-dose packaging that's ideal for secondary and tertiary care settings.

- Contains acemannan hydrogel.

Complete Medical Supplies Generic Gauze
- High quality at a low price.

- Non-fraying.

- Designed to meet or exceed U.S. specifications for purity and absorbency.

Gaymar Industries
- Sof.Matt mattress systems, available in APP or LAL, provide therapeutic pressure relief.

- East to set up.

- Adjustable pressure for comfort.

James Consolidated
Volkner Turning System
- Cost effective, durable, lightweight and portable.

- Rated "superior" in effectiveness in acute, long-term and homecare settings.

- Improves pulmonary function and reduces sleep deprivation.

Mason Medical
Bariatric Low Air Loss Mattress System
- 1,000-pound weight capacity and 15-month warranty.

- One-minute fill rate, and audio and visual power/low pressure alarms.

- Made in the United States and sold for $2,499.

Gel-Eeze Wheelchair cushions
- Gel/foam cushion made of high-density, high resiliency foam.

- Provides weight distribution and pressure relief.

- Custom sizes and a variety of covers available.

CC-2000 Support Surface
- Institutional tested, high grade foam with special heel section.

- Bi-stretch, fluid proof, low MVTR cover.

- Seven-year warranty.

Therasock Comfort Socks
- Light, diabetic socks with comfort system.

- Dressy and available in mid-calf or ankle height.

- Available in sizes small, medium, large or extra-large; and colors black, navy, brown or white.

Hy-Tape Int'l
Hy-Tape The Original Pink Tape
- Latex-free, zinc-oxide based adhesive tape.

- Gentle to delicate skin.

- Comfortable.

500 Natural Rubber Series
- High standard in medical compression therapy for wound care.

- Low fatigue factor for maintaining medical effectiveness throughout the day.

- Over 120 studies have made it a proven medical compression stocking available.