You have answers, we have questions

Monday, March 31, 2003

Each month, the editors of HME News develop a question or two that relates to current happenings in the marketplace. They focus on an area where they really want to know what a broad cross-section of HME providers are thinking.

We then send that question to everyone who receives our weekly NewsWire and await the flood of responses. But, we usually don’t get a flood. Sure, we get enough to be statistically significant, but we’d like everyone to weigh in on the question. And make some comments, too! Your response to the NewsPoll is very important in giving us - and you! - a solid overview of what the industry is thinking. So next time you see a NewsPoll come along, don’t hit “delete”. Take a minute and give us the benefit of your opinion. We have the questions, but only you can provide the answers.

Now, we’re going to significantly raise the importance of responding to our e-mail surveys. Medtrade and HME News in cooperation with AAHomecare are proud to announce the Man/Woman of the Year Award. In addition to the regular HME Excellence Awards (announced elsewhere in this issue), this year we’ll present an award to the person judged to have had the greatest impact on the HME business in the past 12 months. Anyone can place a name in nomination. All you have to do is e-mail a succinct paragraph (no more than 250 words) to Elaine Alexander ( The judging will be done by you, the members of the HME provider community.

We’ll be polling the entire list of HME News NewsWire readers to get their vote on the top ten nominees. Whoever gets the most votes wins and the award will be presented along with the HME Excellence Awards at Medtrade this fall.

This is an excellent opportunity for the industry to recognize and thank a “heavy-hitter” from the past year, or to identify an unsung hero. The judging panel for the HME Excellence Awards will verify the list of the top ten nominees. They’ll also exclude multiple votes from the same e-mail address (no ballot box stuffing, please!).

More information about all the awards, as well as downloadable nomination forms and profiles of last year’s winners are available at the Award’s web site, Log on, nominate your company (or yourself!) and don’t forget to vote. Let’s keep reminding people of the good news about HME.

One last piece of good news. I’m very pleased to announce that Medtrade and HME News have just renewed their agreement for HME News to produce the Medtrade Show Daily newspapers for the fall event through 2005. The Show Dailies have proven very popular with show attendees and exhibitors in the past. We’ll continue our tradition of on-site reporting of happenings at and around the show. And we may add a new twist or two. Look for the newscarriers at this fall’s Medtrade and be sure to get your copy.

I hope to see you in Las Vegas in May. Please stop by our booth and say hello. HME