57 channels and a CPAP machine


I got a new TV for Christmas and when I hooked it up, I suddenly had a bunch of new TV channels I don't need but which I am having fun with. At least until the cable company catches on.

What this means is, I have been getting sucked into a lot of shows I don't typically watch, like Big Bang Theory and Mike & Molly. You know Mike & Molly, the story of a policeman and a schoolteacher, both overweight, who find each other.

The episode I caught the other night featured Molly spending the night at Mike's. She looks over to see him wearing his CPAP mask. Now, maybe this was addressed in an earlier episode, but what struck me, besides how funny it looked to me and the laugh track, was that there was no discussion or explanation of the mask. It was all in a night's sleep.

Is the humble CPAP finally becoming mainstream?

I recall blogging a while back about Homer Simpson (another show I don't generally watch) having to wear a CPAP, and I know there have been others as well.

I know Editor Liz Beaulieu is working on a story about a start-up that is looking at 3-D printing for CPAP masks—the ultimate in customization. That's because, all the advances in technology and design aside, the masks are still quite cumbersome, which can impede compliance. Who knows what other technology is coming down the pike?

Here's the start-up I am rooting for: A company that is developing a way for people with diabetes to print their own test strips. On a standard inkjet printer no less. OK, not that standard. You have to rig the printer to shoot enzymes instead of ink, but imagine the cost savings! a projected 5 cents per strip as opposed to nearly $1 per strip.