America, declare your independence from hamburger doughnuts


As a fun follow up to my previous blog on the fattest states, here's something from Health magazine called the "50 Fattiest Foods in the States." It's a menu of shame comprised of a dish from each state. My personal pick for the worst: Georgia's Luther Burger, which consists of a bacon cheeseburger on two glazed doughnuts. Paula Deen (rhymes with "butter queen") gave it her own twist by adding a fried egg. Did I mention this thing is named after Luther Vandross, who suffered from Type 2 diabetes? And died of a heart attack?

I do have a tiny quibble with the article. For Maine, it lists the lobster roll. But it takes the nutritional info for the crustaceous sandwich from a fast food chain, which requires me to delicately point this out: No self-respecting Mainer (pronounced "Maine-uh") would get a lobster roll from a fast food joint. Last I checked, we don't even have a Red Lobster restaurant here (there was one, briefly, but it didn't last).

Granted, with all the butter and mayonnaise on lobster rolls, this sandwich is never going to get a "heart healthy" award from anyone. But at least it isn't served on doughnuts.,,20393387_11,00.html

Theresa Flaherty