'Great theater' starring Lincare


There's an interesting tidbit in the St. Petersburg Times this morning about Lincare. It's in a column

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by Robert Trigaux about how annual corporate meetings are "great theater." Lincare's annual corporate meeting is coming up (May 11), and Trigaux gives us a primer on a potential topic of discussion:

CEO John Byrnes received total compensation last year of more than $6.5 million — plus a few perks. The company pays for his golf club membership, as well as his undergoing an "extensive physical examination that is not otherwise available to employees."

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More unusual, perhaps, is Lincare's making available to its executive officers personal use of company-owned and -operated aircraft. Why? A board of directors' committee said it "believes that the use of such aircraft provides for a higher level of personal security for the company's executive officers."

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A company-owned and -operated aircraft for a company that considers Medicare its biggest payer? I'm just saying...

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